Father’s Day was made for the Broncos’ Grahams – Denver Broncos News

Father’s Day was made for the Broncos’ Grahams – Denver Broncos News

Father’s Day weekend spawns many stories of fathers and sons, of lessons learned and of young boys learning to become men.

In so many ways, it all comes back to fathers and sons.

The history of the Denver Broncos involves nearly two thousand people who have been players, coaches or administrators for the team, but the Broncos still have had just one father and son duo on the field.

That is the Grahams: father Tom and son Daniel.

The Broncos nearly had another pair, as Kyle Kragen participated in Broncos training camp in 2016. If he had made the active roster, he and his father, Greg, would’ve joined the Grahams in that group. This story, though, is about Tom and Daniel.

Tom came to the Broncos from the University of Oregon in 1972 and played in Denver through 1974. Daniel, meanwhile, played high school, college and professional football in the same state.

After a distinguished pro career, Tom stayed in Denver for the rest of his life, hence young Daniel went to high school at Thomas Jefferson in the Denver Prep League, then on to the University of Colorado before beginning his pro career with the New England Patriots.

I had been proud to know Tom as a first class individual and the finest example of a Bronco alum, but I was fortunate to see him in a brand new light when Daniel signed with us as a free agent tight end in 2007.

I have told this story to both Tom and Daniel many times, so I trust Daniel and Tom’s spirit do not mind it being repeated one more time.

On the day of Daniel’s signing I was running around the building performing a myriad of public relations tasks when I heard that Daniel was signing right at that…

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