Predicting the Tennessee Titans 2017 Record Post Offseason – Tennessee Titans News

Predicting the Tennessee Titans 2017 Record Post Offseason – Tennessee Titans News

As the OTA’s and the start of summer begin, let’s take an in-depth look at and predict the Tennessee Titans’ 2017 record.

Week 1: Oakland Raiders – The Tennessee Titans’ season and home opener is against a very good Raiders team. A look back to last year: the Titans could have won, but some late penalties killed them. Evaluating the additions both teams have made, they have the ability to become the two best teams in the AFC. Both quarterbacks are coming back from similar injuries, and both teams have tried to bolster their defenses. I give a slight edge to the Titans because it’s the home opener, and they get their first victory. (1-0)

Week 2: at Jacksonville Jaguars – Many new additions to the Jaguars this year: new coach, heavily paid athletes and new draft additions. The result of this could mean the Jags can be an up-and-coming team. With this being said, the Jags still have Blake Bortles, who is coming off a horrible year even though he had talent around him. The Jaguars will run the ball to try to take some pressure off Bortles. The Titans run defense was their strength on defense last year and I think that will continue. Bortles’ play and the Titans’ run defense gives them the edge, resulting in the Titans getting win number two. (2-0)

Week 3: Seattle Seahawks – Second home game of the season for the Titans and it brings on a heavy hitter. Both teams like to play the same style of football; run first with a mobile QB and a solid defense. This game is going really help tell the fans early on what kind of team the Titans will be. Even though they are at home, I think Russell Wilson and the…

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