Kris Mangum Q&A – Carolina Panthers News

Kris Mangum Q&A – Carolina Panthers News

Kris Mangum is a rarity.

A tight end drafted out of Mississippi in the seventh round by the Panthers in 1997, Mangum not only lasted a full decade in the NFL but he did it with the same team.

Now he is bank executive working back in Mississippi. We caught up with him recently to talk about what he’s doing now and his lengthy career with the Panthers, which included 126 games and 61 starts.

So you’re the CEO of Magnolia State Bank of Mississippi now?

“Yes, it’s been great. It was something that started about nine years ago and I was able to learn. We’re a small community bank with about $315 million in total assets – and it was a chance to learn banking from the ground up. It was just a unique situation and opportunity, and it’s a great bank with great people who work here. I really enjoy it.”

Your former Panthers quarterback Jake Delhomme is involved in banking now, too. You guys ever get together and compare notes?

“Yeah, you know actually I stay in touch with Jake quite frequently. I actually got a chance to go down and visit with him a month or two ago, just to sit down and talk. So yes, we do compare notes and talk.

“It’s kind of neat. He’s the chairman of the board (at MidSouth Bank and MidSouth Bancorp, Inc.), and then with me being in my position we have lots to talk about. It’s good to have a friend and a guy you played with who has some of the same interests.”

So when you two get together now, do you talk mostly football or banking?

“It always ends up going back to football, just the time we spent together and talking about the guys we played with – that unique bond that you have with those guys.

“We went a couple…

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